“I Am All of Them”, polyester, oil color, varnish, 39x48x35 cm, 2014



“I Know Who You Are”, polyester, oil color, fabric, varnish, 112x54x36 cm, 2014



“Poetical Veracity”, polyester, oil color, varnish, 33x16x7 cm, 2014

“Migrant Birds”, polyester, oil color, wheat, 16x28x12 cm, 2013



“Other Forms of Perception I”, man’s leather shoes and oil color, 35x23x12cm, 2013



“Other Forms of Perception II”, women’s leather shoes and oil color, 25x15x8cm, 2013

“Everyday, Somewhere, Somebody”, polyester and oil color, 11X38X3cm, 2013



“Possibilities”, polyester, metallic paint, oil color, 47x98x15 cm, 2013



“Child is water”, polyester, varnish, oil color, 15x13x10 cm, 2013

“Complete youself with the void”, polyester, marble powder, varnish, oil, 36x48x13 cm, 2013



“Jewelleries”, stone, oil color, dimension variable, 2013



“Jewelleries”, detail of installation, (exhibition view), 2013

“Left Hemisphere”, iron construction, metal plates, plexiglass sphere, feather,
fabric, shoes, knife, polyester, oil color, varnish, 200x182x72 cm, 2013



“She wanted to see the deep blue sea”, polyester, fabric, metallic paint, oil color, varnish, 170x150x18 cm, 2013